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A month in Oxelösund

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When we first arrived in Oxelösund we intended to stay for about 3-4 days. We planned to meet friends, fix our boom lift then continue south.

Oxelösund is a small port town about 100km south of Stockholm. We were lucky, the day after we arrived there was a yacht race taking place. It was the last of the season.

After a few days in Oxelösund we still hadn’t managed to find the correct mast slides. There was a local sailmaker that stocked a variety of different shapes and sizes but nothing seemed to fit Polaris. Our friend Chris promised to help us find some.

Lucky for us Oxelösund had a really great Chinese restaurant and we visited it almost too frequently during our stay. It was an all-you-can-eat buffet and I’m sure we both gained a few kilograms.

Whilst we were in Oxelösund we tried to arrange our first covid vaccine. It took a few unsuccessful phone calls but eventually, we managed to arrange an appointment. On the day of the vaccine, I hadn’t eaten breakfast and almost fainted in the waiting room. To regain my strength I had to order this huge pizza below.

A very long time ago (before we bought Polaris) I had applied for a replacement passport. I knew the office was struggling with a backlog due to covid so I had ordered it well in advance. At some point during our stay in Oxelösund I received a confirmation that my replacement passport had been dispatched. It would be delivered to our home in Finland but we could have it sent on to us in Sweden. We just had to wait a little longer. Eventually, the passport arrived.

Now we had the replacement passport we had to make a quick trip back to Finland to complete some immigration paperwork. We booked onto the “Cinderella” overnight boat from Stockholm to Mariehamn. We didn’t know anything about the “Cinderella” before arriving at the departure terminal and seeing several of the other passengers singing and dancing. It was at that point we realised that this was an overnight cruise with entertainment. Catering to a slightly older generation.

We caught the train in Stockholm back south and after a couple of days of travel, we made it back to Polaris.

After a busy four weeks in Oxelösund the time to leave finally arrived. We had our vaccines, I had my replacement passport and we had fixed the boom lift.

Even though we stayed in Oxelösund for longer than expected to we definitely enjoyed ourselves. We both want to thank Kjell (the harbormaster) for taking care of us and little Polaris. We hope we see you soon!