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A perfect sailing day from Nynäsham to Oxelösund

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From Nynäsham, we set sail heading straight to Oxelösund. The wind was just perfect, we had a beam reach all the way.

The weather was great with a beautiful blue sky and a bright shining sun. What I loved the most about that day was that the wind and waves weren’t so big but just right to make a good comfortable speed of 4-5knt (8-10km/h). Although we turned on the engine for an hour when going through some narrow tracks with underwater rocks, we sailed the rest of the way.

We reached Oxelösund marina 2 hours earlier than we expected. To this day, it was one of our best days on the water. If only every day was like that! Haha.

We spent quite a long time in Oxelösund as Chris’s passport was still on the way and we needed to sort out our paperwork with Finland.

While we were there, Chris missed being out on the water, so we took Polaris to Nyköping, a city near Oxelösund. It still felt like summer that day. There was a blue sky and wonderful sunshine however there was no wind so we had to use the engine. The track was really narrow and there were many underwater rocks, the closest one was 2.5m from the boat.

After exploring the city, we headed back to Oxelösund. The sun was setting and looked stunning. After navigating carefully through the dark, we made it back. It was a fun day trip!