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A little about us

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Uyen is from Bến Tre in Vietnam and I am from Belfast in Northern Ireland. We met in Saigon in Vietnam at the start of 2018 and have been inseparable since. We got married on the 14th of February 2019 and moved to Donegal in Ireland.

At the end of 2019 we bought a small cottage in the countryside of Finland. Prior to buying the cottage we knew very little about Finland and had never even been there. A quick google search convinced us to take a chance and we put in an offer on a property we found online, the offer was accepted so we packed our bags and headed to the airport. The Finnish countryside is breathtaking with four well-defined seasons, stunning wildlife and my favorite of all, a wood sauna! Over the course of 2020 we renovated the property and accumulated three sheep, fifteen chickens and two cats. Life was good but with the renovations almost complete I needed a new challenge to focus on.

Vanlife had been on my radar for a while, the idea of moving around whilst meeting new people certainly appealed but one cold dark winter’s night youtube introduced me to “Sailing Zatara”. The channel documents a family of six sailing the world and living aboard their catamaran. Almost immediately I was hooked on the idea that living aboard a boat was going to be our next challenge. All I had to do now was convince Uyen that it was a great idea, easier said than done considering she can’t swim. At first Uyen was completely against the idea but after a couple of weeks of watching “amazing Caribbean sailing” videos on youtube she was starting to come round to the idea. Now Uyen was onboard it was time to start searching for the right boat which was going to be quite difficult given I had never stepped foot on a yacht or a motorboat.

To see more photos of our time in Finland please check out our Instagram page.