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“Big” city life in Groningen

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After a couple of weeks of staying in Groningen, we liked it a lot. The city is beautiful, the Dutch people are very nice and friendly, and the canal is so much fun. We also realized that there were so many jobs, we then decided to stay here and work for a little while… We went to the government to get our citizen service number and moved our residency to The Netherlands.

Chris worked as a night porter in a hotel and I was a waitress in a Thai restaurant. Chris also helped the harbor master do some maintenance work in the marina. We went out for a spin on the dinghy almost every single day in the canal.

The only issue we had was that we couldn’t go out for a sail easily. If we wanted to go sailing in Lauwersmeer again, we had to go through about 15 bridges and a lock, which was not so much fun. I still wasn’t confident with my docking skill in the canal, but we did go out for a sail a few times. Chris told me that practice makes perfect. When we were sailing in Lauwersmeer, we often hooked on a floating mooring buoy or stayed at a free dock at night. There were a lot of free places to moor the boat (maximum 3×24 hours) once we passed the city bridges.

Although we were busy working in the city, we really enjoyed playing in the canal and sailing. The summer had gone by like that, time flies when you have fun… 😀