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Blekinge – The Swedish archipelago

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Goodbye Vägga harbor! We picked up some supplies and headed straight to the Blekinge archipelago. There was a light breeze on that day so we managed to sail a little bit on the genoa and motored a little bit when going through narrow routes.

It was so beautiful at this time of the year although still quite cold. We were the only sailboat at anchor, so we had the place all to ourselves. This was one of the best things about sailing off-season. The Swedish archipelago was so gorgeous, we decided to spend a few nights there!

Well… We had to drop our anchor twice though…

It was time to tidy up Polaris and explore the island. We took the dinghy out for a spin around many of the surrounding small islands. We saw lots of wildlife such as mink, goose, crane, duck and swans… This island turned out to be under restoration (we thought it was nature reserved at first) and people also brought sheep there in the summer for grazing (therefore, we saw sheep bones and skin while walking along the island). Opposite our anchorage, there was an island used for military training, we also rowed the dinghy there and had a look around…

And then, my favorite time was coming. It’s BBQ time. We found a good spot on the rock and made a small bone fire for cooking. We grilled some pork ribs and potatoes. Oh… it was so delicious even though it took us almost an hour to get the fire going. Chris was a good cook as well! While waiting for the food, Chris jumped in the water for a quick swim but it was freezing/shocking cold, he came back after a few minutes to get dried by the fire.

The sun started to set, it got a bit colder. We tidied up our “camping spot” and rowed back to Polaris slowly while enjoying the last bit of sun. We had enjoyed watching the sunset many times but this beautiful moment would never be the same… It always surprised us with its magical stunning colors and shapes…

The time had come to leave this wonderful archipelago to continue on our journey. We were stargazing on the last night at this anchor. We felt really thankful for such a lovely time we had on the island and hoped we would be back in the future.