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Copenhagen to the Kiel Canal

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After our visit to the youth island we headed back to Copenhagen. We ran our sail plan past a few more experienced sailors and spent our last night at anchor. The view of Copenhagen during sunset was a little spectacular.

The next day we set off early. The weather was fantastic especially given it was still early April. We had a light breeze from the north (behind us) and had our first attempt at sailing wing on wing. It felt like a real balancing act, too much to port or starboard and the sails would start to luff.

After an uneventful sail we dropped anchor just outside Faxe Ladeplads, Denmark. We were spoilt again with a beautiful spring sunset and the wind had calmed so much that there was no danger of the anchor dragging making for a restful night.

The next day the wind picked up and was blowing from the west (just what we needed). We raised the sails and were on our way! It was still quite chilly but who cares when you’re sailing at five knots! It’s days like this that make you forget about the cold, wet, and damp days!

After a fun-filled day of sailing we dropped the anchor just south of Fejø island. We were exhausted but in high spirits. The next day we had a few hours of motoring followed by a beam reach all the way to the Kiel canal. There is something special about watching the sunset whilst under sail but in all honesty I think I prefer watching the sun rise rather than set! Nevertheless, it was magical.

We arrived in Germany just before it started to get dark and managed to find a spot near the entrance to the Kiel Canal. There was a lot of commercial traffic around, all very exciting but a little nerve-wracking at the same time. Below are some of the other vessels we saw along the way.