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Delfzijl-Groningen – Standing mast route

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Well…we totally fell in love with the city, especially the Dutch canal. We came back and decided to take Polaris to Groningen.

However, it didn’t go as smoothly as we thought. It took us more than a week to wait in Delfzijl for one of the bridges on the standing mast route to Groningen to open. They stopped opening it since Covid I heard. On the day that the bridge was scheduled to open (at 2 PM), we set off early at 9 AM. Unfortunately, when we were almost there, one of the bridges (before the important bridge) was broken and wouldn’t open for 2 hours. We then were late for the bridge opening and had to turn around to go back to Delfzijl. The strong wind and waves even added more “fun” to the journey that day…

Back to Delfzijl after a whole stressful day, we decided to sail from Delfzijl, out to the big sea again and get to Lauwersoog, then from Lauwersoog we would enter the standing mast route to Groningen. The weather was perfect the next day, the sun was shining although there was no or little wind. We made it to Lauwersoog when the sunset and spent the night there.

The next morning, we arrived at the lock/sluis early and waited to enter the standing mast route. It was another hot day.

We were so amazed by the beauty of nature there. It was a nature-reserved area with many types of beautiful birds and animals. We also saw lots of traditional flat-bottom Dutch ships passing by.

We arrived at Reitdiep harbor in the afternoon.

We spent a few nights there and then we went to Oosterhaven harbor which is a bit closer to the city center.

We stayed in Oosterhaven harbor for a while playing around on the dinghy and exploring the canal a bit more. It was so much fun!!!