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Hamskeri island

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From Kristiinankaupunki we traveled south to Hamskeri island just off the coast of Merikarvia. The wind wasn’t great but we sailed part of the way and most importantly we smiled all of the way! 

The waves became bigger and the sea was choppier in the evening but thankfully we arrived at Hamskeri island just as the sun was setting and carefully navigated our way between the rocks and markers to find the visitor’s berth. And again, the sunset was stunning!!!

The next day the weather was cloudy and windy but the island offered great protection and the water was still. As the sailing season was coming to an end we had the place to ourselves. We had coffee and set off to explore the island. 

The island had some basic amenities including toilets, shelters, tables and a grill but the best thing was the nature. The mushroom season was just beginning although we weren’t fortunate enough to find anything edible. 

After a long day of unsuccessful foraging I prepared some potatoes and carrots while Chris went to light the grill. We had a “romantic” dinner in the wood shelter next to the fire while enjoying a beautiful rainbow!!! Then we spent the night checking the weather forecast and planning our next passage.

The next day we met a friendly local couple. They recommended some places we should visit on our journey and we swapped some maps. We stayed in Hamskeri for another night hiding from the strong wind and thunderstorms and set off early the day after.