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Iniö island

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The storm finally passed and from Hamskeri, we continued to head south to Iniö island. We stopped off twice along the way.

In the morning when we set off, it was cloudy and breezy, but the water was very clear and calm. We slowly and carefully motored out on the narrow track marked on Navionics. There was a beautiful family of swans trying to distract us but thankfully we made it out without incident.

The wind picked up when we reached the open sea, there were a few white horses and some bigger waves. Polaris started to roll from side to side. We turned down the engine, pulled the sails out and went with the wind!!! I think Polaris became much more stable once we got the sails up, we sat back and let the wind and the waves do their “job”.

The feeling of freedom is the greatest thing that sailing gives us. I had never sailed before or even dared to go near water. At first, I was quite afraid of sailing and the water but gradually I started to fall in love with it, going up and down with the waves, breathing the fresh air, smelling the ocean, and being “blown” by the wind to wherever I want to go… It’s one of the greatest things that ever happened to me! I should thank my lovely chubby hubby for showing me this awesome lifestyle that I could never have imagined before!

The sun started to set on the horizon, it was so majestic, it made me feel so calm and peaceful.

1 or 2 hours after sunset, it was totally dark. The only thing we could see was the factory lights in Pori far far away. The waves felt like they were getting strong at that time and we were quite far from any shelter or marina (at least 2 hours). We were supposed to sail overnight but then the captain (Chris) decided that we better stop off somewhere nearby for safety’s sake. We found a nearby island called Reksaari, it took us about 2 hours to get there. Navigating in the dark wasn’t easy, I took the tiller while Chris was on the deck, he shined the torch to light up the markers. We managed to navigate to Reksaari safely. Once we arrived we hooked the boat to the floating buoy and went straight to sleep! It was our first “long” sailing day, I think we sailed for 12 hours.

We woke up early the next day and continued our trip. We sailed two-thirds of the way and motored when the wind died down. It took us about 9 hours to arrive at Katanpää island. We slept there one night and set off early the next morning. Below is a photo of a little dragonfly that hitched a ride with us all the way from Reksaari to Katanpää, he managed to hold on no matter how wet or windy it was.

The new day “greeted” us with pouring rain… There was no wind so we used the engine to get us going through the rain. Thankfully we didn’t have to listen to the engine for too long as it only took 2.5 hours to get to Iniö island. After we arrived, we parked the boat and had a big cup of hot chocolate. It was so cozy to drink hot chocolate while watching the rain and waiting for the upcoming storm!

At night, the wind started to pick up and the waves were splashing against the dock. We went out for a little look around and captured this (below) beautiful shining moon. We had to stay there a few days waiting for the storm to pass.

The next day the real heavy weather arrived! The wind was blowing like crazy and even though the boat was tied up, I could still feel its movement up and down. We were lucky to find this sheltered dock, I felt really safe here, especially in weather like this.

The weather didn’t change much the day after either so we cut each other’s hair and watched a movie on the laptop.

Eventually, the rain stopped and we went out for a little walk around the island, we visited the town on the other side of Iniö and explored the forest. We saw a lot of deer but they were too fast for us to take any photos.

We walked back to Polaris just as the sun was setting. I made some pasta and sausages for dinner and Chris spent the night checking the weather forecast and planning our next trip to Aland.