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Kålö island to Nynäshamn

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After our unexpected stop on Kålö island we continued south to Nynäshamn. We left Kålö island in the early evening and picked out a spot along the way to drop the anchor for the night. There is something really special about watching the sunset on the water and that evening was no different.

After a quick rest stop at anchor, we set off for Nynäshamn early the next morning. The wind was blowing at around 8-10m/s from the west making for perfect sailing conditions. 

As you can see in the video below, I like to sail with a 10-15 degree heel and not much more. 

Uyen on the other hand seems to quite enjoy seeing how fast she can go which inevitably leads to us heeling at 20-25 degrees.

This was probably our most successful sailing trip, we managed to sail the entire way.

As we arrived into Nynäshamn we rolled the genoa in and motored our way past two ferries whilst hoping they wouldn’t start moving.

Once we were safely tied up in the marina we headed off in search of some food. We had spent the previous week at anchor so we were desperate to eat something that didn’t come out of a can. Thankfully the local supermarket had just what we needed.

We spent a couple of nights in Nynäshamn trying (unsuccessfully) to find sail sliders to fix our mainsail and watching the big ferries coming and going.