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After Truthällan we headed a little more south to a little city called Kristiinankaupunki. The trip there was the first time we experienced fog whilst sailing. It set in very quickly and reduced visibility to about 100 meters, thankfully it cleared just as fast. 

We had ordered an anchor chain online and it was getting delivered to the local post office so we had a few days to wait for it to turn up. 

Kristiinankaupunki has visitor berths in the heart of the city making it easy to walk to the shops, restaurants, and most importantly the sauna. 

On the first day, we went to visit the geese that live just in front of “Hotel Kristina” and then headed to the supermarket to pick up some lunch/dinner. 

After spending the past few days eating tinned food and instant noodles/potatoes it was nice to get some fresh food. There are a couple of supermarkets within about 5 min walk of the visitor berths.

After replenishing our stomachs we headed off in search of the sauna. Unfortunately the city doesn’t provide a sauna however the staff in the visitor’s information office suggested we head over to “Hotel Krepelin” and ask there. Once we found the hotel we were greeted by the owner who was very kind and told us we could enjoy the sauna for free! Hotel Krepelin was really picturesque, the courtyard area was charming and the buildings oozed with history. My biggest regret was not taking more photos. 

The next day we received an SMS to say our anchor chain had arrived. We headed over to the post office whilst I prepared myself to carry a huge heavy chain back to the boat. When we got to the post office the lady handed us a little box and it was at that point I realised the chain I had ordered was the wrong size. We returned the anchor chain necklace and headed back to Polaris to plan our next trip.