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Oxelösund to Snuggö Island

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Bye-bye Oxelösund! We continued to head south on our journey. We set off for Snuggö island. It was a cloudy day and quite calm. We motored most of the way. We were so amazed at how things were after being land-locked for a month.

We had to go through many narrow tracks and saw lots of rocks above the water. As you can see in the video/photo below, we were really close to the rocks on both sides as the waves were pushing us around. Thankfully our engine was really good, I couldn’t imagine what would happen if it stopped suddenly there.

The sun had set but we hadn’t made it to Snuggö island. An hour later, it became completely black. After motoring through the darkness for an hour or so, we stopped off at an anchorage spot and stayed there for the night.

The next morning, we woke up to a wonderful view. The anchorage spot was just totally stunning, calm, peaceful, and quiet. The water was clear and calm like a mirror. There were also many types of wild live around as, swans, ducks, birds, etc. I wished we could have stayed for another night. We decided to continue heading to Snuggö island as planned. The trip was quite easy and stress-free except for the rain and a few moments of big waves from the open sea.

We arrived safely and dropped the anchor. Luckily we made it before the sun was set. It’s just another wonderful peaceful place where all you can hear are birds singing and waves gently breaking on the shoreline. I bet it would be very busy in the summer there.