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Truthällan island

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On our last day in Vaasa it was very windy and the waves were strong, we couldn’t set sail until 6pm. From Vaasa we sailed a little north to an island called Larsbjorkaskar. The weather calmed a little and we warmed up with a sauna at sunset.

After 1 night on Larsbjorkaskar island we sailed south to begin our journey back to Kaskinen. On the way we stopped near Bergo island for the night and continued our trip the next morning.

It was a beautiful sunny day! The wind was great and we had a beam reach almost all the way south however the wind died down and we had to motor for the last 2 hours.

We arrived at Truthällan after 2 days!!! The water was so clear and calm, it was like a mirror. It felt like the sky and the sea had became one…

Truthällan is my favorite island, it was the first island we ever visited and even now after stopping at lots of islands it’s still my favorite. There is a lovely wood sauna, shelter and grill for the visitors. For me the sauna is the best thing here.

We both love the Finnish wood sauna a lot, so the first thing we did was light the sauna. While waiting for the sauna to warm up, I prepared dinner and Chris lit the grill. We were so desperate for a hot meal because we had run out of gas 2 days earlier.

We filled our tummy with some meatballs, mashed potatoes and a mug of hot chocolate, then a nice hot sauna just before the sun went to “sleep”…We walked to the other side of the island to see this (below) breathtaking scenery. I think sunset on the ocean is probably one of the most wonderful moments that nature offers us. We both felt very lucky and happy to be able to enjoy such a view. Living on our little Albin Vega has given us a chance to see many beautiful things. Every day is a new experience, we don’t know what we will see, who we will meet or what challenges we may face. Just like the sunset, it always changes and surprises us every day.