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Why we bought an Albin Vega 27

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Choices, choices, choices! It was hard to decide on the right yacht when neither of us had ever been on one! Our budget afforded us something up to about 30 feet in length but that was all I knew. In Finland there are two websites that offer used boats, Netivene and Tori. I searched both for days which turned into weeks which turned into months.

Three boats kept coming up, the Shipman 28, the NF30 and the Albin Vega 27. The Shipman 28 had a fixed table in the cabin which seemed convenient so I called and arranged to go and see it. It was located in Vaasa about an hour north of us so not far to go but it wasn’t in the water yet as the marina harbor was still frozen. It was in need of a little TLC and some anti foul to the bottom. 27 feet definitely feels a lot bigger on the computer screen than it does when you are standing in the cabin! I don’t remember what equipment it had onboard but the owner was friendly and had owned the boat for ten or fifteen years. When we explained we didn’t know how to sail he offered to teach us over the summer. We liked the Shipman 28 and we liked the seller but we didn’t want to make an offer there and then, we needed some time to think. A week passed and we came to the conclusion that this was the one for us so I called the seller. When I called he told me he had found a fault with the engine, after a long chat he suggested his boat probably wasn’t the right boat for two inexperienced sailors given the engine issue. I think he had also managed to convince his wife that it wasn’t worth selling it with a faulty engine so it would probably be better if he just kept it. He didn’t seem disappointed, in fact, quite the opposite.

A few weeks passed and an NF30 popped up for sale, it was located in Helsinki so a few hours drive. The NF30 was a little bigger than the Shipman 28 but it wasn’t as well known so researching it online was difficult. It had a newer engine with only 100 hours but the interior needed a lot of work. It was hard to gauge the size inside as everything was everywhere. The sellers were friendly but seemed enthusiastic to sell. It was their first yacht, they had owned it for four years and sailed it for two years. We told them we would need some time to think about the purchase. Several days later we decided to make an offer taking into account the work required to fix the interior. The sellers declined the offer and I went back to hitting refresh on used boat websites.

After seeing a couple of yachts we had an idea of what we were looking for. We wanted something with a newer engine and a tidy interior, a newer engine would allow us to motor out of any danger and a tidy interior indicated a well-maintained/cared-for boat. It was time to expand the search, Blocket is a Swedish classified ads website so I added that to my list of websites to check. The choice on Blocket was a little overwhelming but one, in particular, caught our attention. It was an Albin Vega 27 with every possible extra included in the sale. I called the seller and told him we were interested and would come to see it in the next couple of weeks (once covid restrictions were lifted). In the hope of demonstrating that we were genuine buyers I explained our grand plan to Chris (the seller). I told him I planned to travel to Sweden to buy his Albin Vega and then sail back to Finland, from there I would collect Uyen and set sail for the Mediterranean. When Chris asked if I had ever sailed before he seemed less than impressed when I answered “no but I’m a strong swimmer”. Two days later Chris messaged to say he wouldn’t sell us his yacht, “it wasn’t in good conscience”.

Frustrated, I returned to my Netivene/Tori/Blocket search for another Albin Vega. I now knew that an Albin Vega was the yacht for us. They were well known around the world and had a good reputation, several had crossed the Atlantic, one had been to Antarctica and another had sailed non-stop around the Americas. There was an abundance of Albin Vegas for sale on Blocket ranging in price and condition but nothing that really stood out. Travel restrictions also made it difficult to get there.

Then late in May a new advertisement for an Albin Vega popped up on Netivene. It was about three hours south and looked like it hadn’t been in the water for a few years. I called the seller and arranged to go and see it. The seller was selling it on behalf of his father who was unable to sail due to his age/health. This Vega hadn’t been in the water for five years but it had a newer Sole Mini Diesel engine from the early 2000s, the interior was original but in good condition and everything was in it’s place. It wasn’t as well equipped as Chris’s Vega in Sweden but that ship had sailed. We looked around the interior, knocked on the hull and decided to make an offer. As part of the sale, we asked the seller to launch the yacht at the nearest marina, when he agreed we took that as confirmation it would probably float and made the transfer there and then. We were then the owners of Polaris, a 1973 Albin Vega.